Global Charity Sports - Philosophy

As popular interest in professional sporting events has proliferated and diversified in recent decades and the coffer of athletesı prize money has reached multi-millions, the impact of professional sports on the global economy has increased exponentially. Meanwhile many large and mid-cap charity organizations are struggling against ever diminishing funding resulting in a critical and disproportionate level of need.

Global Charity Sports was founded in 2007 as a private club for elite sports-minded and sports-interested Noble- and Gentlemen with a limited membership of four hundred worldwide. Coming from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, active members share in common the belief to live according to the Gentlemanıs maxims and morals and to uphold the virtues of justice, courage, bravery, responsibility, tolerance and fairness.

With the professional backgrounds and expertise of current members encompassing the full gamut of fields such as sports, business, science, politics, media, art and culture, the Global Charity Sports club and its global network can effectively assist international aid and nature conservation organizations with fundraising campaigns through exclusive sporting events for its members and select guests.